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Today Friday, 18 september 2020 r.
Imieniny Ireny i Józefa

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My name is Greg and I am the founder and webaster of this site ever since it started on November 21, 2001. Just before the meeting in Darlowo in 2004 we decided to give it a new look. Soon afterwards we came out with the idea of widening the subject area of this site, to make it a portal for all military history ehthusiasts. Please contact me if you have any comments about the site. I speak polish & english, understand some german but its easier for me to answer in english.

If you want to learn about the others, see the polish version

contact me @
ladowny [at] militarni.pl
Please make sure you include valid subject line in your message, otherwise I might not receive it. Please do not put "hi greg" nor "Hey!" nor "Hi" nor "Re:' nor other stuff like that in the subject line. Many spam messages have this as a subject so these messages can be deleted without reading.  Sorry for the inconvenience but spam gets more and more annoying for me, there at least 5 spams a day now, bouncing from this sole account.
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